Rookies' Studio トップに戻る


Now, he works as an out sourced director for Mr Kenichi Oishi, originator and scenario writer of comics sold in convenience stores,"Customer of the Hat-maker," a story of a Kappa and a modern child, to be animated or shot.

1) How feel on the Rookies Studio to which we have invited you?

I felt to join the project as the theme of the production, shown at the presentation, was silly but I impressed interesting,It might be opened the participation for 5-minutes or 10-minutes drama because of the level.I really felt toughness when I worked. I had been worried about how to fit to among three themes, "Natural or Man-made," "Man and Animal" and "Japan and Overseas," and organization of the story.

2) How do you feel when you production become the best 9 ones at the contest?

I felt that it was my prospect as I hung works for games at that time. Actually, I did change mode imaging a picture of my products when I discouraged. It was my mental support. If I had no advice on the result, I might give my job up. It has been going worse _ too busy, but I would like to endeavor undertaking proofreading scenario more and more to overcomeuch worse. Even I have many moan, I prefer to have various works at the same time.

3) Please advise your current thought to be filmed your participation.

I was, at the first meeting, surprised to hear that all film make by animation. Calmly look through the story, we could not shoot the KAPPAs' figures. It takes too much expensive. After that, we discussed on combination of shooting and animation, I felt that it might be an ideal. I trust that testing of image combination makes a certain marvelous mood. I'm going to make up my mind to the director's talent. I look forward to seeing the movie with special ideas by director on narrations.

4) During 2 years since then, have you changed yourself?

The remarkable change is my life because of writing scenario, game and animations. I have mainly been worked in under Mr Kenichi Oishi, originator of "HOTEL," an animation. The core works are comics book for convenience stores. I'm like a trainee in the actual field with remuneration. I am working hard until I get a series of my original production. As an out sourced director of the company, I check works of others and give instructions some retouch _ this is very much helpful for me. Pointing out and advices to scripts of others, it is needed the first, logical construction, then appropriate explanations. Such experiences are very much useful to writing scripts myself. It is not so fruitful for me hearing lecture and/or reading a book on how to write a good script. I think that this method have learn myself. The every job for real makes me leveling up _ if I make poor script, my boss usually complains me.

5) Do you have any requests for film?

I am very much appreciated to hear at the meeting that director has already made location hunting in advance. I was shown his profile _ he had excellent result in the States in younger age. I trust him. I think that I am lucky writer _ excellent cameraman and animation creators who have personal relationship with the director. The last one is to meet with a good child actor. It may be hard play as a KAPPA. And the weather. I am anxious for rain falls because of hot summer.

6) Please advise your hope on Rookies' Studio in near future.

Is it true to do the same plan in the States? I am very much interested in scripts by students and/or writers in the making in the center. I expect free activity of the Rookies Studio without a certain habitual walls of the industry. If I have a chance among them, I would like to be hungry to get nice works (with a smiling face). Probably, other participants have the same feelings. Personally, I would like to challenge to create feature films or series one.