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Writers and Works

“Customer of the Hat-maker<< 10 - minutes film

Tsuyoshi Goto, born 1968

Now, he works as an out sourced director for Mr Kenichi Oishi, originator and scenario writer of comics sold in convenience stores, "Customer of the Hat-maker," a story of a Kapa and a modern child, to be animated or shot.

“Morning of Daigoro”<< 5 - minutes film, silent

Shojiro Tabe, born 1976

Tragy in a morning with humore of neat hero, Daigoro. The writer shoots the film himself.

“Dog on a Tray”<< 5 - minutes film, silent

Toshiko Araki, born 1958

  • 2006 Nomination on a Short Story at Yamanashi Cine Festival
  • 2000 NHK promotion received on an original TV drama

“Hot Summer, Quite Summer and the morning” << 10 - minutes film

Tetsuro Takita, born 1982

  • 2006 In charged of script on the 30th and 31st stories, "Saizer X, Fleet Etsuboshi" on aired by TV Tokyo and its affiliates.

A story being made a full of a hero with a dream in the prewar time in Japan. To be shot in a theater, because of drama like technique.

“Rain cats and dogs” << 10 - minutes film

Masako Sakaguchi, born 1972

  • 2007 The 5th story, "Women in Sakura Police Station," which is going to air in August by TV Asahi Station (in charge of script)
  • 2006 "Osha-sha-no-shan!, " nominated as the best original TV drama by NHK, to be on air January, 2008
  • 2006 "Yoi Otoshi-wo," won the best Scenario by rookies, by TV Asahi Station
  • 2004 Scenario of "Beerboo Land," for educational program for kids, aired in 2005.

Actively works as a script writer, preparing planning and plot, for TV dramas, films etc.
"Rain cats and dogs" is a story by a young man and a girl reform their life through dogs and cats. To be animated.

“Beauty” << 5 - minutes film, silent

Yuna Ogawa, born 1976

  • June 2007 "Clawaze," of gallery theater "Clawaze," direction and dressing up
  • 2005 Joined as a staff to "Grandpa, Dorian," nomited grand pre in an Italian cine festival,directed by Mr Tsuyoshi Mitsukura.
  • December, 2004 Worked and directed on Duo Vol. 2 "Heart and Head" at Edge, Gallery le Deco.
  • December, 2003 Worked and directed on Duo Vol 1 "Meeting Again" at Uetomisaka Church

Now, she belongs to Direction Div. of Theater NLT, as author, director and producer.
A story that a hereon, considers plastic surgery, finds the real happiness in natural, To be shot. ,

“Sakura-mai” << 5 - minutes film, silent

Nogiku Miyahara, born 1973

  • 2006 "Nohara", produced, directed and scenario by himself.

When lost a handkerchief given by grandmother, she understands the words of grandma.
Shooting is going to start next year.

“Osekkai Samurai ” << 10 - minutes film

Atsushi Suzuki, born 1972

  • Honorable mention at the first Aleas Cine Concours

A busybody Samurai charges a couples' matter _ a kind of period drama with modern sensitivity. To be shot.

“Who is the Master” << 5 - minutes film, silent

Junko Oyama, born 1961

  • 2006 "Let Man Deliver," a winning work at Original Radio Drama by NHK Nagoya Station, on aired in 2007 (NHK FM station)
  • 2006 "Amayadori,"on aired at Theater 130 of Radio Japan Station.
  • 2006 "Mikazuki Yawa," film script, a winning work at 32nd Kido Prize
    She has worked as a scenario writer, issuing mail magazine, "Bun Bun Bin," (Columns and introduction of new cinema) since 2000.

A story to search who is the master watching a dog laying in front of a convenience store.
Actual shooting