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Producer’s Voice

Good day!
I'm Keiko Kitamura, assumed as a producer of the Rookies' Studio since March 2007.

That was an occasion to have a meeting with Mr Kobayashi, President of Jungle Walk on a certain long feature film last year. At that time, I was invited as a trainee of producer of Rookies to use my past experience.

I sincerely love this film industry _ I have worked as a coordinator in the film commissions after job at TV station.

Now, I have a further opportunity at Rookies' Studio, as well as Jungle Walk, with grat pleasure.Even I have many difficulties and matters to be solved, every day, I will do my best in order to share happy and fruitful experiences with people of Jungle Walk and other persons helped me.

Thank you very much.

Producer of Rookies' Studio
Keiko Kitamura

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