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What is Rookies' Studio?

In 1958, Japan was No. 1 on production of films, the total number of audiences went up approximately 1,127,450 thousands, the maximum. Afterward, the Japanese film industry went down, even agreement by 5 major production companies, as well as setting up own production entities by leading producers, etc. The Great Director, Akira Kurosawa, wrote down his thoughts to his notebook and said, "reason was no cultivation of young staff…"  
We are going to organize this "Rookies' Studio" in order to activate future film industry, as well as Japan's economy, by means of hunting and cultivation of new talents.

It passes various situations/scenes/processes for completion of a film. It is not easy to say on cultivation of new talents.
It requires specialized experiences and technique, at each level, for script writer, director, cameraman, music, editing…. It is hard to say to find out each talents alone. We believe that it is necessary appropriate opportunities, the best solution is eyes of audiences, as well as reputations on film productions, for training and raising talents.

Jungle Walk offers unique "stage" for cultivation of new talents.

The Rookies" Studio has "Writers Stage," for scenario writers of running plan, "Actors Sage," for training of actors, "Directors Stage," for promoting of directors, etc. Our mission is digging out and brushing up young and hidden talents in accordance with invitation of public contest, nomination and production of films among each stage.

We look forward to seeing young talents.

人材育成プログラム ルーキーズスタジオ構成図

The First Step: Writers' Stage

As a mission of raising and training of scenario writers, we started invitation of public contest since 2005, with cooperation of the Scenario Center, an educational body for script writers, to students of that Center. The classification and theme were shown in advance. Finally, following 9 works were nominated:

Classification/Theme Natural or Man-made
Man and Animal
Japan and Oversaes
Comedy Beauty Who is the Master Morning of Daigoro,
Osekkai Samurai
Drama Sakura-mai 『Rain cats and dogs』 Hot Summer, Quite Summer and the morning
Fantasy Customer of the Hat-maker Dog on a Tray None

The Second Step: Directors & Stage and Future Stages

We are going to produce short films for the purpose of digging new talent and training, same as the Writers' Stage, by animations, shooting and/or combination of animation and shootings adapting to the script prepared based on the nominated works.
Each stage, based on the production steps of short films. Invitations to public are made, from time to time towards professionals or amateurs, and get appropriate director and staff thereto, so that it takes inspiration of a soul.
Please check a Notice for Public Invitation in our Home Page in details.

Production Schedule and Theater Releasing

It starts production from July, 2007, the earliest one, and we are finishing all 9 works by next summer. We are going to promote and release the finished work at independent theaters, as well as joining to short film festivals. Also, we are planning to sell DVD packages and distribution through internet.

ルーキーズスタジオ 製作スケジュール

Production Team for Administration

  • Kenji Kobayashi, General Manager
  • Keiko Kitamura, Producer
  • Masataka Usuki, Producer
  • Jungle Walk Co., Ltd.., in charge of actual production